Desktop Organizer


Desktop Organizer & Quick Launcher

Berokyo lets you take control over your desktop and organize all your favorite and frequently used applications, documents, files, folders and webpages into one or more customizable multi-shelf cabinets that will keep them out
of sight but yet close at hand and ready to be launched.

Also available for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Windows

Berokyo helps you improve your organization and productivity and will be a huge time saver when using your computer!


Organize your files

Keep all your favorite and frequently used applications, documents, files, folders and webpages, organized in any number of multi-shelf cabinets, categories and subcategories. This will definitely speed up your daily and repetitive tasks.

Quick Search

Quick Search

Quickly search the web using the main search providers – including the powerful YubNub, as well as find items in Berokyo. Now your favorite search provider is more accessible than ever, just a hotkey away.



From the patterns and colors used to fill the cabinets and shelves, to the size and position of cabinets and, of course, the different hotkeys; you can personalize everything as you like. You can make it look and feel just the way you want.

Incremental Find

Incremental Find

As you type, one or more possible matches are found and immediately presented to you. This quick feedback allows you to find items without typing entire names. Finding the items you need at any given time is now quicker and simpler.

Main features

  • Easy to use items organizer
  • Full item tagging support
  • Single and multiple items launcher
  • Fully customizable style and hotkeys
  • Full-screen, kiosk, auto-hide and stay-on-top modes
  • Incremental find that reveals results as you type

and more...

  • Full clipboard support
  • Simple drag & drop operation
  • Detailed and smooth thumbnails
  • Eye-catching design
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Great performance
CNET 5-Star Award

“Berokyo is listed
 as Staff Pick in the
 Productivity Tools
 section on Apple's
 Downloads site”

Your suggestions are welcome!

What new feature or improvement would you like to see in Berokyo? Please visit our Google Moderator page to vote on current suggestions and submit your own. Your feedback is very important and greatly appreciated.

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