Berokyo can be fully customized

Below are shown the different styles shipped with the program. You can use any of these styles, create mixed versions of them (e.g., wood and metal), or even add new patterns and colors and create your own styles. In the future, we plan to add importing, exporting and sharing capabilities.


You can create unlimited cabinets, each with the same or different style, e.g., pictures can be added to a wooden multi-shelf cabinet and all the programs to a metallic one.


(Click image for larger view)




Wood #1 Style




Cork #2 Style




Metal #2 Style




Cork #1 Style




Fabric #2 Style




Leather Style




Wood #2 Style




Bricks Style




Marble Style




Wood #4 Style




Tablecloth Style




Wood #3 Style




Fabric #3 Style




Metal + Wood Style




Fabric #1 Style




Windows XP Style




Teen Girl Style




Dark Grain Style