Before contacting Technical Support

Install the latest product version

Visit the Home page and make sure you have the latest product version installed on your system.


Check out the Help file

Check the Help file for more information on your issue. Help can be found pressing the F1 key or going to Help & Support -> Quick Start Guide within the application.


Consider recent changes on your system

If something used to work, think about what may have changed. New software installation or general system changes can affect performance and general functionality of other software on your system.


Try reproducing the problem

It's very important to identify when and how the problem occurred, if possible, so that you can repeat the steps that led to the problem.


Try reproducing the problem on another machine

If the problem goes away on another machine, compare what is different between the two systems. If this is the case, there is most likely a system conflict.


Want to suggest a new feature or improvement?

Please visit our Google Moderator page to vote on current suggestions and submit your own.



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We reply to all valid emails as soon as possible. However, there are several possible reasons if you do not receive any response from us:

If you use a Spam-blocking service

Do not use a spam-blocking service unless it notifies you about incoming emails so that you can verify them. Use a different account, or arrange to have emails coming from pre-approved.

If you do not use a Spam-blocking service

Please contact us using a different email address. There are many free email services available, you can sign up for a free account, and contact us from that account.